Malcolm X – How Did He Inspire a Movement?

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After joining the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X became known as a human rights activist whose teachings led the charge of black progression during the latter parts of the 1960s.

Radicalized by a stint in prison, Malcolm X was a warrior who was not afraid to get on the front lines of the Civil Rights Movement. His sharp contrast from the non-violent approach molded by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meant Malcolm X had a clear agenda against anyone in opposition. He and his followers were determined to fight back against injustices by any means necessary, and his teachings laid the framework for the Black Power ideology and uplifted the black community in ways that promoted dignity and respect.

Hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., with additional notes from political commentator Armstrong Williams and Farah Griffin of Columbia University, we celebrate the story of Malcolm X, whose commitment to black people and their advancement is still felt today.

Black History in Two Minutes (or so) is a 2x Webby Award winning series.

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