Hank Aaron: Breaking the Home Run Record

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Born Henry Louis Aaron, baseball legend Hank Aaron swung his way into the history books in 1974. While the Atlanta Braves enjoyed the benefits of having the talented athlete on their team, actions off the field forced the conversation to transition from celebratory to cautionary.

As Aaron’s star rose, so did racial tension. With displeasure coming in the form of hate mail and even death threats, he feared for his own safety as he pursued the home run record set by American baseball hero Babe Ruth. But on April 8, 1974, he hit his 715th home run and found himself as the all-time home run record holder for more than thirty years.

In this episode of Black History In Two Minutes or So hosted by Henry Louis Gates Jr., with additional commentary from Michael Eric Dyson of Princeton University, we will take a look at how this baseball legend rose from the Negro League to the Major League and earned a top spot in American history.

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